Redeposit Bonus

Welcome Back! Thank you for your loyalty! Claim your Interstellar Bonus!

Here at capitalfx-trade, we appreciate the loyalty that our exclusive clients show towards our brand and with that in mind we aspire to reward them with a special redeposit bonus. Members will be able to enjoy this special offer by having the benefit of a REDEPOSIT BONUS UP TO 30%!

Please contact your Account Manager to find out more details.

Terms and Conditions:

You cannot withdraw the bonus until the necessary trading volume is completed. Please note that until the required trading volume has been satisfied, withdrawals of bonus funds are not allowed. AAFXTrading refers to trading volume in round turns. You may opt out of the bonus program, in which case, no minimum trading volume needs to be reached before requesting a withdrawal.Furthermore, Each client has a limit of claim the redeposit bonus maximum two times in a account.s

The Redeposit can only be claim if the redeposit amount match the minimum requirement of 500 USD/EUR deposit.However, if you do receive a bonus, and request a withdrawal before the trading volume conditions are met, only your initial deposit add profits or less losses may be withdrawn and trading will not be permitted on the remaining bonus amount. In order to clarify, if you were to deposit $10,000 and receive a 10% bonus of $1,000 and you placed one trade and made a $500 profit, now, your total account balance would be $11,500.

If you submitted a withdrawal request to close the account, you would only be able to withdraw your initial deposit of $10,000 and profit of 500$. In addition, your account would be closed and you can Apply again for the new live account and redeposit to continue trading with AAFX Trading. There is a 60days time limitation to achieve the trading requirements.